Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This page started with the blue daisy that is in the background. I used this page to clean off left over paint on a stencil.  I added some yellow to the page but didn't love it.  Then I stamped a grid on half the page but that didn't do it either.  Finally I painted over the whole darn page with a light olive green. I tell you all this because sometimes pages flow and sometimes they don't.  This was a don't.  When one of these comes along, I just keep at it. 

I really wanted a face on this page but all of my stamps were too small and attempting to draw a face just irritates the crap out of me.  Then I remember this napkin that I mailed to a friend last week.  I had another in my stash and away I went.  I like how the daisy peeks out from behind her.  The lemon in the corner and the leaf were on the back side of the napkin.  

I made a few marks using a credit card and a piece of plastic screening.  I thought they were just what this piece needed to be complete.

As for the quote..... my  life feels full of abundance.  I have a job, a home, a darling dog, a wonderful family and good friends (not listed in order of importance).  And I have my art.  My art keeps me balanced.  I am so very blessed.

I hope your days are filled with abundance.


  1. Fabulous creation. I love using napkins too, but don't do it very often. I spend an awful lot of time looking at and reading about art, looking for inspiration and admiring the works of others instead of making more of my own, but I feel so guilty if I don't visit everyone on my 'blog list' or try to comment on everyones fb posting or flickr...........Give me more hours & I can do it all, hahaha :D