Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paper Napkin Art Journal

Over the last 10 years I've become a Paper Napkin Addict.  I have two large containers full of beautiful napkins.  Tuesday Morning is a great place to buy artist paper napkins. I have to really control myself not to purchase more every time I walk in the store. 

I started this page by collaging four different napkins.  When I finished it was really busy. In person it was much busier than than it looks here.  I tried gluing deli paper over it to tone it down but it was till too much for me. I add a white napkin layer to the right side to dull it a bit more.Then I added the Joker Napkin left side of the page. I used piece of it on the right side to make the two pages cohesive. 

I haven't done a page like this in a long while. It reminds me of my first altered book pages. I enjoyed visiting some of my earlier work techniques.

Link to: Art Journal Everyday, Artist Play Room , The Document Life Project 


  1. wow! i have a friend who is just getting into using paper napkins in her work and i love the way it turns out! your jester is pretty awesome! how did you attach that half round paper in the middle? beautiful work!

  2. Hey Boo! I think your work is grand!! I have no idea how to use paper napkins. I know my British friends use them all the time - calling them servettes. I do admire you pages a lot and think they are quite smashing!!
    sandy xx

  3. I love your layout Boo, the colours, all the different layers, the joker image and the diamond pattern - well the whole lot of course actually ;) I found a fab seller on ebay to get my napkins from and I always check in the pound shop too. Oh, and I always take a souvenir h.ome from a nice restaurant.
    Wishing you an excellent evening and a new week :o)

  4. I LOVE THIS SPREAD!!! I am super jealous over that Joker napkin! (*drives like a maniac to Tuesday Morning*) I also really love your circular inclusion! All mine are boring old squares...I am stealing your idea with a quickness! <3<3<3