Friday, December 6, 2013


I have a thing for houses. If I see a card, a journal page or a painting of a house it just makes me happy.

I want to learn to draw houses.  More than just a front view like I drew in first grade so I have started practicing.  I find it easier to draw from a picture than from real life.  I've found some line drawings on line and I'm using them to look at when I draw. I've also ordered a book of houses from Dover Publishing.  Tracey Fletcher King suggested that tracing what I wanted to learn to draw might help so I thought I'd try that as well. 

I saw a stamp with a whole neighborhood of house and it gave me the idea to try this little drawing.  I have a small journal and I'm going to practice my houses in it with colored pencils and permanent markers. I tried watercolors and the paper is too thin.  Once I get the hang of drawing them, I'll start adding more texture and then landscaping.  


  1. I love your houses Boo. They look like part of a cute mountain village where friends meet for coffee & pastries for breakfast :o))

  2. Your little houses are always so cute Boo! Keep up the awesome work. xxx

  3. I totally agree with you Boo - I have a thing for houses to and you have a wonderful idea going here. I love this village. No one would ever know that you are from Tennessee because this looks so very European. I do love you drawing and I hope you keep it up!!
    Happy Holidays Boo!!