Thursday, November 21, 2013

Self Care Takes Many Forms

I started this page because my back and shoulders were hurting. I went to the local college that has Massage Therapy classes. I have a friend who teaches there and went to her a massage.  After working for an hour on knots in my shoulder, I was given a very nice lecture about how it would be of great benefit to me if I had a massage more than once every two months.  She suggested that I see a student at least twice a month for a full body massage.  

That got me thinking about taking care of myself.  I have a tendency to ignore food until I'm so hungry I eat junk instead of healthy foods. I get caught up in reading or my art and don't see my friends for days on end.  I realize this week that I had not seen my good buddies, Jeni and Linda in a very long time.  I take medicine for acid reflux and guess what?  If I don't remember to take it, it doesn't work.  As my friend, Mink, says, "it won't work sitting in the bottle in the medicine cabinet."  

This page had a lot of journaling on it.  I used the Uniball Vision black pen that I was told was permanent.  The mat medium smeared it all over my page.  I heat set it so I don't know what the deal was.  At any rate I had to wipe most of the journaling away so I didn't have a page of big black blobs.   

The letters are the negative pieces from a Sizzix alphabet. They were cut from chip board I scrounged from the recycle bin at the office. I painted them with gesso and backed them with pink plaid scrapbook paper.  The background is brilliant blue paint.  I used gesso and a grid mask by Mr. Huey on the background.  I painted the whole page with purple paint and then removed most of it with a baby wipe because it was way to bright.  I really like the way it settled in the corners of the letters.  

I had written my journaling around the grid lines and with that all gone I had big empty spaces so I mixed purple paint with molding paste and used a Kite stencil to make the swirly designs. I really like the way the gesso absorbed part of the purple paint giving the circular lines a lighter purple color.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

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  1. I take meds for reflux every morning! I think it is wonderful you are in a place where you can get a good massage now and then. Reading is such a pleasure that I call that part of my self care program. I love the idea of using the negative spaces for your words.