Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Self Care Part 1

I started a page about self caring behavior and some how it now looks like a baby shower scrapbook page for fraternal twins. I'm not opposed to scrapbooks or babies. That is just not the look I intended. I used some really old scrapbook paper to put behind the letters. I think it's a little too pink.

I did have a good time playing with this page so far. I was channeling my inner of Donna Downey and France Papillon by using two paint brushes to make paint splatters. I haven't decided what to do next and that will have to wait because my next self caring behavior is to stop and eat dinner.

I have a tendency to forget about eating when I'm working in my art journal and then I'm so hungry I just stuff whatever is on the counter in my face. I've really got to buy some vegetables I can warm up quickly because I really don't have patience for cooking these days.

Link: Creative Everyday Month


  1. The background is wonderful Boo & I like your idea of using plaid/tartan papers for your lettering. Looking forward to seeing what you do here next :o) x

  2. I lost my comment - I too take meds for reflux. I think it is wonderful that you live where you can get a massage especially from students learning their trade. Love the use of the negative spaces to make you words. What a great idea.