Saturday, November 2, 2013

Painting - A Calming and Centering Process

I spent two hours this afternoon embossing cereal boxes and painting the embossed pieces.  I recently became aware of the effect painting has on me. I was a stamper/card maker for 13 years.  I loved it.  This fall I was asked to make Halloween cards for a friend. I've done this in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. This year I found that I wanted to get them finished so I could go on to something else.  The process was not as fun this year.  

Lori, a friend, commented on it at our Tennessee Stamper retreat. She told me that my entire being changed, relaxed and settled when I picked up the paint brush.  All I was doing was paint gesso on an Art Journal page.  

Usually when I sit down to work on a page, I want to complete that page in one sitting. Today, I realized how content I was to simply paint the pieces. I might work on the page later today or I might not.  The process, the painting was more important than the finished piece. I find it amazing that I keep learning things about myself.  Creating is about the process and I really enjoy that process.  The process is a calming and a centering activity for me.

Link: Art Everyday Month, Paint Party Friday, Just Add Water Silly


  1. I actually felt quite relaxed reading your post. I also enjoyed all the colors on your cereal box pieces. Nice colors. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by,Gloria. I'm glad my blog post was relaxing. So happy to share the calm.

  2. How nice to be able to emboss your own pieces :) All your work is relaxing to look at. The colours and all the different textures. And knowing you really enjoyed painting them, makes them even more lovely to look at. Have a great Sunday :0) x

  3. Ah did they also tell you that color is your thing too!! I love all the colors and textures you have here and you have inspired me to create something similar tonight!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. It is good that you enjoyed the process Boo - I find I am often in a hurry to create art but sometimes I rush it and spoil it. I will try and be less frantic about it in future. peace Emma x

  5. All your embossed cereal boxes look great and the colors are wonderful. You always give me the most interesting ideas Boo!