Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doodle Shops

I visited my dad and my family this past week.Traveling away from home makes it challenging to do something creative every day. I didn't want to haul paint, art journals and all the other things I usually use when I create. Instead, I took a Micron pen, Inktense pencils, a water brush and a small journal. Each evening I spent a little time doodling.  I like building.  This time I drew a little art village. This journal did not have water color paper in it and that was obvious as soon as the first drop of water hit the page.  I'm finding the Inktense pencils are a bit different from regular water color pencils.  I need to play with them some more so I can get the hang of them. These doodles won't win an art prize but I enjoyed playing and that was the whole point.  

A few of my friends want to know where the cafe and book store are located.  They are next door to the chocolate shop.  The artist apartments are next door to the Art Hut.  Every apartment has a huge studio with wonderful natural lighting. It sure is fun to dream about a village full of artists.

Link to: Art Every Day Month


  1. Ahh, yes. That village sounds just perfect Boo, I'll start packing right after New Years ;)

  2. Are you kidding me - your art village won a prize in my book. What could be better than art supplies and chocolate. I love folk art and architecture so you fit the bill perfectly!!
    Merry Christmas Boo!!