Monday, August 19, 2013

And So It Begins......

Some of you may not know this about me.  My name is Boo.  I'm not sure if I say that in my introduction or not. My older brother nick named me that as a baby so I don't remember being called anything else.  

The other thing you probably don't know about me is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making Halloween cards.  I don't know if I like Halloween so much because of my name or because there is something about orange, black, yellow, green and purple together that just makes me want to sigh. I don't do scary Halloween... just fun, full of smiles and laughter Halloween.  No skulls or rats for me.  That's too creepy for this girl.  I thought I should warn all of you who are so loyal to my blog.. there are a lot of Halloween cards in this blog's near future.Hopefully a few journal pages will still be made.... we shall see.

I got the idea for this card from my friend, Pam, who made me a pop up birthday card.  It had a darling flower garden that popped up in that card. I've been contemplating that card since June and yesterday I realized I just had to use that idea for my Halloween fun. I went on line looking for a tutorial and found one made by Paige at  Thank you, Pam and Paige.

All the stamps used are dollar stamps from Walmart, Michaels or JoAnn's that I've had for a least a year or more.   The inside paper is actually some I took out of the recycle bin. It had printing on the other side so I used a piece of pattern paper to cover the print. My acetate pieces are recycled from some packaging I had.  No 2013 earned money was spent to make this card.  Yeah! I used some things from my stash.  Only 2 million items left to use.  

Do you like Halloween?  What is your favorite holiday???


  1. LOVE IT!!! I really love the Boo stamp on the inside...or at least I think it's a stamp...maybe you drew it...if so AWESOME! But as a stamp, awesome still! I need to be on the lookout for Sweet stamps so I can sign my name legibly!

    When I was growing up, we didn't celebrate holidays, but I always liked the idea of Christmas and Thanksgiving, because in my head, it was a time when families got together and it was like a hallmark card! As an adult, I see that it's not quite the least for most of the people I know...but the idea of Christmas and Thanksgiving are very appealing to me! My sister always wanted to do Halloween, because of the candy! As an adult, I have a much great appreciation of Halloween because a) of you... and b) I really want to dress up for it! I never got to wear a costume as a kid, and my inner child is just begging to be something fantastic!

    Awesome job using things from your stash, by the way!!! I am going to follow suit and use up some of mine (as soon as I get to make some art again)!!!

    Big squish! <3

  2. I never 'got' halloween, but there was never much made of it when I was growingup. I don't think I ever really even heard of it until I was in my teens even! But I do like the colour combos that are associated with it. Oh, yes, I actually made my first ever halloween card last year - just cos, lol. I've never worn a halloween costume either ;)
    My favourite holiday is Christmas. I love the planning & thoughts of what gifts to buy my loved ones. I don;t care if I get anything at all, but I do love to see others open their gifts. Makes me all squidgy inside ;)

  3. Boo - It's never too early to be planning Halloween because that means that Spring is in the air! it is not quite the same trick or treating in Australia because it doesn't get dark until well after you want the kids tucked up in bed!!
    So very happy to be sharing your Halloween journey this year - Can't beat an American Halloween!

    1. You had me totally confused for a minute, Wren. Spring?? Then I remembered you are in Australia. Here we are tried of the heat and looking forward to Fall... the nights will be cool, the leaves will turn wonderful shades of yellow, red and orange.

  4. Boo to you too Boo! This is so cute and I do love Halloween!