Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You Never Know When You Touch Someone's Life and Heart

I'm a little blue today.  You see, today should have been my 37 wedding anniversary.  I was pretty shocked and frightened when my marriage ended 6 years ago.  I had no clue if I could take care of myself emotionally, spiritually or financially.  So what did I do?  I took it one day at a time.  I cried, I cussed and I mourned what I thought I had and what I thought would be my golden years.  Guess what?  I survived.  Those first few years thats about all I did... survive.  

And now six years later?  I'm flourishing.  I checked my email before I sat down to write my blog today. That brings me to the title of this post.  My inbox was filled with comments from you.  You have made my day.  You have reminded me that I'm not alone and that the gremlins in my head just need to hush.  Today, those voices in my head were pretty darn negative.  They were telling me all the things that were wrong with me and for a moment I forgot that it's ok that I'm not perfect.  

You helped me remember that I'm a combination of good traits and ones I would like to work on... neither of those sets of traits totally define me.  I am not all bad nor am I all good.  I'm a mixture and who I am today is just fine.  

I appreciate all of you who take the time to comment on my blog.  It means more than I can ever say.  You touch my heart.

This is my Book of Days piece.  The theme was napkins and layers.   

The Process: 
I started with a layer of gesso, then I added napkins with text and sunflowers. Next I added a white layer of thin tissue (the napkin backing).  I was not loving it, so I sprayed yellow paint on my page.  At this point, the gremlins in my head were saying... it's ugly.   

Next I put crushed egg shells in spots around the page.  They were way too white so I added some sunshine orange paint.  This seemed like a good idea but it did nothing for the page. Now the gremlins were screaming..... give up... walk away.

Thank you Carolyn Dube.... I could hear your voice telling me to ignore the gremlins.  I picked up a piece of deli paper that had yellow, orange, green and a some wonderful blue on it.  I could hear Effy... saying just keep adding layers.  So, I tore it into pieces and glued it on top of my other layers.  I glued it very haphazardly.  I just put the colors in different spots on the page.

At this point, it had so much gel medium on it, that I thought it would never dry.  I love my heat tool.  After I dried it a bit, I looked at the page and there was a sailboat.  I didn't intentionally put a sailboat on the page... I just glue the blue on that part of the page.  Then it hit me, I must have used that deli paper when I was painted a sailboat for another page.  I don't even remember doing it but there, bigger than life, was an outline of 3/4 of a sail boat.

That boat listing to one side reminded me of how I felt.  I was listing today.  I was in a rough patch.  I could capsize or not... it was my choice.  So I made a sail for my unexpected boat out of yet another napkin that was sitting on my desk.  I outlined it with my blue Stabilio pencil and added the words Rough Seas with a Sharpie Paint pen.  I added a bit of Stabilio around the edges of the page and it was complete.  

I liked the page now but I was still feeling a down...and that was when checked my email. A special thank you to Sandy and Twinkletoes.  You two lifted my heart, today, when I really needed it.  This page is dedicate to the two of you.

Link to: Artist Play Room, Carolyn Dube, Book of Days


  1. Your finished art is gorgeous with all those layers and colors and surprise sailboat. Wishing you smooth sailing.

  2. We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails. Seems to me that you do know how to sail, Boo!
    The background is very interesting, and the boat turned out beautifully!!
    Hugs to the great sailor!

  3. Hey Boo! You know, the thought of helping you when you needed the love makes me happy. I will tell you, I was married for 26 years when my husband left me for another woman so I know how you feel and felt. I am so glad you have your art. Your background is really pretty - pretty with colors and pretty with texture. You are sailing your own boat and you have not capsized! Congratulations!! Keep creating, I am learning from what you do!

  4. I had to add one more thing - your page is beautiful!

  5. Your post has touched my heart & squished it. I love your page Boo, I almost feel I can touch the screen & feel the textures. I love the description of how you achieved the result but mostly I love the analogy between the page & your life & how you have survived the rough seas. I think you have a very poetic way with words Boo. I also love the inclusion of the butterfly; symbolising the changes you went through and have emerged as a gentle & beautiful being with the strength to travel far. :0) Mo x

  6. Wow, I felt seasick for you reading your beautiful post and learning how you kept going both in life and with your Book of Days, Rough Days. I have always believed if we didn't have the downs, we would not appreciate the ups - may you sail off into the sunset and find a wonderful beach to enjoy!

  7. i love this - it is so perfect for what you are going through and what you are made of - many layers! You are one STRONG WOMAN, Boo! Thank you for letting me be your friend you have inspired me so much. Hugs!

  8. Beautiful art came out of a rough day!! Things are looking up! I promise you it only gets better! You will know yourself better than ever before... if you choose to be on your own....power to you!!

    Thanks for sharing your pain and your art!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Gorgeous painting! I love how you layered so much-and that butterfly on the sail-wonderful! Wishing you nothing but living your best life-for you. Here's to smooth sailing!

  10. This is a beautiful piece Boo, thank you for sharing your process, your thoughts & parts of your life. It is a journey and sometimes it can be rough but I'm so glad you've found ways to make things a little smoother.

  11. There is nothing I can say which hasn't been said and most perfectly. Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. Boo, this is lovely. You have sailed some rough seas, but hopefully calm waters are in the horizon. Love you so much!!! Hugs, Pamikins

  13. fabulous post Boo... made me tear up, but feel so blessed that you are a part of my world... you are way too cool for words...xx

  14. oh Boo, what a wonderful post, i can so understand you. so glad to met you. big hug, karin

  15. Wonderful painting! I love its texture and layers. Color is so deep and beautiful. You have got a bout, You'll survive.

  16. Oh Boo this is so beautiful...both the art itself and your words. I love it and thank you so much for sharing! Many hugs and smooth sailing to you! Cheryl