Sunday, July 28, 2013

Her Memories Wander in the Garden of her Youth

This page is in memory of my friend from elementary school, Anthony Osborn who died of cancer today. In high school, there was a group of us that always hung out together.  We spent at least one night of every weekend as a group laughing and have a great time.  We went bowling, we went to youth group at our church and when we turned 18 we went drinking together. Anthony was one of the people who was at my surprise 18th birthday party.  I always felt safe when I was with that group of girls and guys.  After I married, I moved away from my home town and haven't seen Anthony in many, many years.  Today, that doesn't seem to matter.  My memories of those times are so clear and so full of joy and love.  Rest In Peace, Anthony.  You were a great friend to have growing up.

The face was done by tracing a face in a magazine picture onto tracing paper. The background is lightly gessoed book page.  I glued a paper napkin over that surface.  The face was then glued on top of the napkin. The whole page was then painted with a gesso wash.  The page says.... Her Memories Wander in the Garden of her Youth.  I used a metallic sharpie that doesn't show up well on the scan.


  1. I'm so sorry about your friend Boo. I think that in some instances, there are people, who once we are away from them, we never think about again. Then there are people that we may not see or hear from, but we think about them and keep them in our hearts. They are very special indeed because, even after years and years, our minds won't let them fade away. I know you have given me very good advice on things, so you don't need to hear me go on and on (because you already know) but if you need an ear or a long-distance shoulder, I'm here. I love you and my thoughts are with you. <3

  2. Hey Boo, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Your page is beautiful and the sentiment is haunting. I like it a lot.

  3. I love this page Boo. Your tribute to your friend Anthony is very moving & the affection with which you held him is obvious. I'm sure he would have been thrilled to be remembered so fondly & in such a beautiful format.
    With love & crafty hugs, Mo xx