Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peace is a State of Mind

I thought peace involved being with a certain person or being at a particular place. I have learned that peace comes from within.  If I am comfortable with who I am; if I love myself then I am going to feel at peace.  It is a deep inner feeling that has more to do with me and less to do with others or what is going on around me.
I still feel stress, anger, sadness and frustration because I'm a human being.  These days, I can feel any or all of those things and realize they really are temporary feelings.They can rock my boat but they can no longer tip me over.  Depression no longer consumes me when things in my life are not going as I want them to.  
How did I get to this place?  Lots of hard work on myself. God, Therapy, Alanon and good friends who listened when I was at my lowest. It was the hardest and bravest thing I ever did. I didn't have much hope for a while, but I do now.  I don't have pie in the sky, wild romance or great riches.  What I have is ENOUGH.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, kibble for my dog, the ability to take care of myself and a contentment I never expected to have.  

The icing on the cake for me is the joy I experience every time I work on my art. My art is the time when I am totally in the moment. There is no worry, no hungry, no fear.  There is just this place of peace and joy.  I am so blessed to have found this place.  

How this page was done: Gesso with blue paint for the sky. The sea is crumpled deil paper glued with gel medium and painted.  The boat and sun are Accu cut dies.  The shimmer on the sun is Ranger Radiant Pearls Mist.  The decorations on the boat are gelli print tape.

The crackles on the boat were made by painting white school glue on the paper.  Let it dry to the sticky stage and then paint with top coat of colored paint.  It will crack as it dries.


  1. Hey Boo - you are writing my story and I am sure many others out there. So glad I found you. Both you and your art work enrich my life!