Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random ... Paper, Random Act of Kindness

I really like the idea of cleaning my brushes and stencils on a random unused pages in my journals and altered books so that I don't wasting paint and ink.   I've done this on and off for a while and then I saw that the "famous" art journalers do this too.  Brilliant minds and all that...

This page started out with purple splots all over it.  Next came some running drips of yellow paint.  Today I painted the whole page with watered down yellow paint because I wanted the words to show through.  I knew I wanted to use the bird mask with black paint but that was all.  

While looking for something to put on the background, I found a piece of deli paper I'd used several times to protect my book from paint.  The pink, purple, green and navy paint were all on that piece of paper.  I tore the edges and use gel medium to secure it.  Next I stenciled the bird mask with craft paint.  

The quote is one I printed months ago and when I saw it sitting on my desk, I knew it was just right for this page.  The circles of white were made with a toilet paper roll, the inside of a tape roll and the end of a marker. 

The tiny flowers in the background are stamps from Weed Love by Natures Print Shop.  I'm loving these stamps.  The images are so delicate looking.  Check out her stamps at the link above.  Tell her Boo says hi!


  1. Cool! The colors and the way you used that silhouette is very creative. I've seen Traci Bautista use the "clean your tools on clean pages" technique for future use, but haven't used it. I need to try it sometime. Blessings!

  2. Love it, Boo! What a fun and clever way to create a page. I haven't cleaned my brushes like this, but I keep saving paper tissue staied with paint and ink ... Too pretty to toss! :-)
    Thank you for using my stamps. Glad you like them!

  3. Great page Boo! I too clean my tools onto scrap paper.
    I'm going to make a note of that quote, it's beautiful.
    I'm also going to pop over to look at Nature's Print Shop. Have a good day :0) Mo x