Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beach House

I visited a place outside of Panama City, FL that had all these wonderful different colored beach houses.  I've always wanted to live in one of them. This is as close as I'll probably ever get.

This page started as me just playing around with found objects to make backgrounds.  I used a piece of a fruit bag, some tiny hole sequin waste, dry wall tape, the bottom of a rubber mat.  All the background colors are ink.  The white blobs are a cloud stencil gone wrong. My white paint is a little runny. I've ordered a blue stabilio pencil. I'll use that on the clouds when it arrives.   The grass was done with two different brushes and the the edge of a credit card.  I've decided that I paint better with credit cards and toothpicks than I do with brushes.  The alphabet is a PSX set of stamps.The little houses & mailbox are by Claudine Hellmuth.  I just love this set of stamps.


    So you must have been at Seaside? or Carillon?
    Or Rosemary Beach? They have soooo many cute houses down that way.

  2. I love the grass in this! Had you not told me how you'd done it, I would have sworn it was a collage piece. You're very good! I love the mail box too.