Friday, March 1, 2013

Home Is Where I Store My Paint

I think I "Art Journaled" for the first time today. I usually do "art" in an altered book or a journal. Usually it's more about the art than the words.  Words about my feelings usually go in a private "word" journal.  

Today was different.  I was working on the Black & White challenge for the Creative Everyday and all I knew was I wanted layers.  Layers are not so easy with only two colors.  I'm a big color person so black and white was an additional challenge for me.  I slapped on some gesso and some pieces black paper I tore from a magazine ad. I actually used the gesso as the glue.  Then I added strips of white paper with black print from the same magazine.  Then I used sequin waste and stenciled with black craft paint.  The top left didn't look so great so I tried wiping it off and I got the grey smear which I didn't love.  

Next I tried putting a bit of black paint at the top of the page and spritzing it to make it run.  As you can read from what I did next... The paint wouldn't run.  I got a few grey streaks but no great black drips!  I now have a very wet page and NO drips.  It took me a while to dry the darn thing enough to try something else.

At this point I sat staring at the black paint I had left on my pallet (also know as the top of my gesso).  I picked up a toothpick that I'd used to mix paint the other day and started writing in black paint with the toothpick.  Yep, they giant words were written with a toothpick.  

At this point, I took a break and looked at a mixed media book.  There was a layout in it these cool hand drawn hearts.  I thought, "I sure wish I could draw cool hearts."  On my way back to the studio, I looked down and there on the floor was the heart stamp you see on this page. I have no idea what CD case (that's how I store my unmounted stamps) it fell out of because I have not used hearts stamps is a few years.  

You've heard the old staying... "God watching out for fools and drunks..."  I'm adding "and budding mixed media artists" to that saying.  That heart stamp got my muse going again.  I've wanted to try putting houses in one of pieces for a while.  I haven't because I've been trying to draw them with a pencil and I'm never happy with them. I thought, what the heck, all I can do is screw it up a little more... so I picked up a brush and painted houses. I think working with paint was easier for me than the pencil.  

In the middle of all this creative energy, I look down and I see I have drops of gesso stuck to my 1945 hardwood floor.  That lead my mind to another tangent.  Most people have a studio in their home.  I think my home is my studio. I have the room I actually create in and I have this other room that is going to be an additional creative space when the boxes get unpacked.  

My studio is off of my living room so my art spills into my living space all the time.  I actually like it this way.  Its cozy and makes me feel warm, fuzzy and comforted.  My mom would have a stroke if she could see it and my dad keeps asking if I have a table for eating dinner.  I do have a table but it's for art not dinner.  

Those thoughts lead to the quote over the houses.  For me, home is where I store my paint, ink, paper, glue, ephemera......  Thanks for stopping by and listening to my long story about this page.  I had a blast doing this page and in the end I got the gesso off the floor too. 


  1. I love this page Boo! It's quite 'grungy' for you. I use our shed/car port as a studio or workroom. It's attached to the house, it's carpeted, it's just like another room! We park the car outside because the shed is mainly used for storage, but there's enough room for me to play.

  2. Boo! I love it! The words got me (this paint won't reminded me of that "these colors don't run" bumper sticker with the flag on it). And I feel the same way as you about home being a place to store our fabulous creative supplies. My house is pretty small, there are only six rooms, but I managed to finagle my craft room into one of them...and then onto the kitchen table as well...and some in the closet...and some of them at my mom's house...and some in the trunk of my car...but mostly in my craft room...If there was ever a fire, you would seen me throwing craft supplies out the window...the cat and husband are on their own... :)

  3. Wowzers Boo, this is just fabulous! The process you used is inspiring to me, who has 'art' journals but haven't really added anything yet except some backgrounds because I find the idea quite daunting. I will refer back to this post many times in order to get my courage to come to the fore instead of cowering at the back. So thank you. In my small, small space in the corner of my kitchen, I WILL, one day soon, put something in an art journal. Have a great weekend :0) Mo

  4. Love the black/white/grey - you did awesome! So glad you got the gesso off your floor too.

  5. I love color, too. But it turned out very well. Love your array of hearts. My home also is my art studio - from my art loft upstairs to my kitchen downstairs to my spare room and who knows next :)

  6. Great black and white painting! Love it.