Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Inspires You?

Photo by Alison Russell  Paisley and Brown Paper

What Inspires You? Different things inspire me from day to day or maybe that should be minute to minute. The photo on the right of the Australia Mailbox inspired me today. There is just something about that bright red box that spoke to me. I know that part of it is that all things Australian intrigue me. It's the one country on my bucket list.  I'd really like the visit Australia someday.

Then there is Alison.  She is one of my new Facebook friends.  We met in an Art Journal group and have enjoyed sharing our joy and excitement about art, journaling, found objects and photos of everyday things.  Alison took the photo of the Australian mailbox.   When I say her photo, I knew I wanted to use it in my art journal.  I wasn't sure how exactly.  I just knew it had to be on one of my pages.

That photo lead me to search for mailboxes from different countries.  I discovered that red is The Color for mailboxes in many parts of the world.  I had to search Google for the green and yellow ones.  I have met many wonderful people in the last few months, all of whom are interested in art journaling, mail art and collage.  I included a Canadian and a Turkish mail box on the page with Alison's photo because I also have new friends from both of those countries.  I realized after the page was finished that I forgot Sweden, sorry about that, Jana.  I did include a stamp from Norway that was on the package I received from Bibi this week.

The stamps in this piece are from Just for Fun and MaVinci.  I used Stazon, Brilliance and Archival inks as well as gesso and craft paint.  The stencils are sequin waste and dry wall joint tape.  Art Journaling is a wonderful adventure.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of my journey with me. If you have photos of unique mailboxes, I'd love to see them.


  1. Aaaaw, thanks Boo, for including me in your blog and finding inspiration in my big red Letter Box! It's such a beautiful page!

  2. Well fancy that Boo, I walk passed numerous post boxes just like that every morning, but so far they haven't inspired me I have to admit. I never even gave them a second thought except to just feel a little excited when I've posted something into their smile. I hope that the recipient will enjoy receiving my envelope and smile too! ;D
    You really have to move Australia up your bucket list unless it's at the top of course because you'd love it. There is so much to see here.
    I've got a great photo of a row of mailboxes that I'll dig out if I can find it and I'll it send to you. I think you'd like it.
    It was taken in the outback at the end of a country lane and obviously saved the postie having to ride miles to deliver the mail.

    I loved your artwork...they both look fantastic!

    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned. Have fun! :D