Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gelli Plate Cures the Blues

It finally feels like spring today and I wasn't noticing it.  My mom died two years ago today and even though I'm glad she's not suffering with cancer anymore, I still miss her.  To make matters worse, my young co-worker left for his new job today.  He was my partner is silliness. I was sad to see him leave. I will miss his ready smile and the mischievous look he would have right before he did something sure to have me laughing.  Brentwood Youth are very lucky  to be getting him for their Youth Ministry.

Both of those things were bringing me down today.  I considered going home and taking a nap but when I arrived home... the Gelli Plate was calling to me.  By the time I finished pulling prints, both my hands were paint stained and I was feeling much better.  I pulled many cool prints but these two are great.  When I saw the top one I sighed.  I love the cross hatches with the Tim Holtz Umbrella Man.  

The bottom print is my favorite.  I love how you can see all the ghosts of other prints in the background.  It pulled up several colors and I love the variants in the colors of this one.  I threw umbrella man, the saw blade and the butterflies on the Gelli plate as an after thought.  I thought a whole page of orange would be boring.  I love this print.  It looks like umbrella man is dancing with the sun.   

I don't think you'll find it in any of the Gelli Plate literature, but today, the Gelli Plate and Umbrella Man helped cured the blues for me.  How could I not smile when I see Umbrella Man dancing with the sun.  

I enjoyed my Gelli Plate time so much that I even did my grocery store run when I was finished.  When I went out, I noticed the warmer air, the blue sky and bright sunshine.  A little art sure improved my day.

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  1. I'm glad your day improved Boo. The bottom one is my favourite too. You are turning out to be quite the pro at Gelli printing now!

  2. I know anniversaries like this are hard, but Art surely does wrap the heART in it's healing hands and it also helped make you smile and you created some beautiful pieces Boo. I love the brightness of the second piece but I love the lines in the first. :0) Mo

  3. I just got my Gelli Plate in the mail and I am sooooo excited!! The umbrella man is my favorite...I don't have the stencil...just the stamp...but he is so cool. I understand needing to play as some 'anniversary' dates are as difficult to see our way through as the day was itself. God bless.

  4. I had real fun reading this page. I could share your feelings, the bad ones and the good ones. And it made me so happy to see you dance with the umbrella man in the sun! A wonderful picture!

  5. Umbrella man dancing on the sun- magnificent! You are so right about how it can lift your spirits! Spring holds a similar pain for me- I lost my mom in the spring also. So glad you shared this with the Gelli Print Party so that others can learn about another way to use the Gelli Plate- to process feelings!