Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreaming in Color

Also know as Umbrella Man without the umbrella
I had absolutely no idea where this page was going when I started it.  I've not been feeling well this week so I haven't been very creative.  Last night the art table was calling me by name...

I began by picking up pieces of paper that were laying around on my work space and randomly gluing them to my art journal page. This shows you how much "stuff" was laying around.  

Then I used a homemade stencil and sprayed dylunsions ink.  I'm not going to win an award for using those inks.  I have a better image on my palm where I pressed the stencil down than I do on this page.  Oh well... solution... spray a second color.  That didn't help so I spritzed the whole page with so much water that my drips all ran together.  Then I had to walk away because it was so wet I couldn't work on it.

A good night's sleep had me thinking it could be about dreaming.  The man may look familiar.  That the Tim Holtz Umbrella man minus the umbrella and with a *different right arm.  A little writing and doodling and my page was born.   

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