Sunday, March 24, 2013

Altered Umbrella Man

I really like the Tim Holtz Umbrella Man Die.  That being said... I sometimes wanted him to have a different arm.  Sometimes I didn't want him to have an umbrella.  This is my mini tutorial on how to make Umbrella Man without the Umbrella.

*How to Give him a different arm....

Cut two Umbrella Man dies.  
Die A:  Cut off his right arm holding the umbrella.  
Die B:  Cut off his left arm and part of his body (so you'll have something to glue it to the other die).  

Flip the severed limb over and glue it under the right side of Die A. You might have to trim his shoulder a bit. 

Now you will have to put texture on his coat or cover it with paper so you don't see the seam.  I used Golden's Clear Granular Glue and then painted it black.  

And there you go.... Umbrella man without an Umbrella.   

Only other paper crafters would not think it was odd to have a conversation about cutting off arms and gluing them somewhere else. 


  1. Great job Boo! Your little guy is absolutely flawless. Thanks for sharing your technique!

  2. Whoever thought you would grow up to be a surgeon!
    I like the picture, and thought you had painted this. I have heard of Tim Holtz, but as you will have seen, I mostly draw or paint - which makes me appreciate thiskind of work because I just can't master stamping and stencilling.
    It's strange but I have a post scheduled for when I am too bosy to blog, with a man very like that. Keep your eye out and you will see what I mean when it comes on.