Friday, January 25, 2013

There is Always Another Page

Check out Crafty-Emblies.  They have some cool products. I've entered
my little bird in one of their contests.

There is Always Another Page... I think I read that on someone blog and I think I may have quoted it before...It is especially true for me today.  My last post was about a page I didn't particularly care for but I posted it anyway because it taught me something.  

This one was very quick and easy.  The purple is left over craft paint I had on my pallet and I didn't want to waste it so I put in on this page with my finger and set it aside.  

When I finished my other project, my mini journal was still sitting on top of my gesso along with the little blue bird.  He was also a leftover from another project.  The limb is a piece of paper left from making the mini book. I have a hard time throwing away a perfectly good piece of paper, even if it is only about 4 inches long.  The sun was stamped on that 4 inch piece that I just could not throw out.

All those bits and pieces came together with a little glue and ink and made Another Page...  The little bird & I agree... it's time for Spring in Tennessee.


  1. Hi Boo, I've been scrolling through your blog...your work is fab! I really like the ease and flow of your designs. Found you on the Art Blog Directory over on Seth's blog. Hugs, Nan aka

  2. This ab fab. All that texture just want to reach out and touch lol. Thank you for joining in over at Crafty-Emblies this month.
    Elaine aka Ellapu CEDT

  3. oh my this is wonderful hun i love how you have used the textures . thank you for joining in the contest over at Crafty-Emblies.
    Seema CEDT

  4. love the colors and not sure if this is the right word but it looks so fluffy lol LOVE it xx thanks 4 sharing x

    Sandy Crafty-Emblies Design Team