Sunday, January 20, 2013

Art Friends

I started this page as part of a challenge in Artist's Play Room #41 and it turned into a tribute to the wonderful new and old friends I have in the world of paper arts.

I have a wonderful group of friends who live in Tennessee who stamp and do all manner of paper arts.  Many of them I've known for over 10 years.  We get together from time to time to create and laugh.

Then there are my "stampin" buddies... We gather almost weekly.  You have taken care of me when I was sad and rejoiced with me when I was triumphant.  You've been my friends for many years and I love you.

Recently I've meet a group of talented people online.  We share our joy and excitement for art journaling and altered books.  I'm amazed to say I have friends who live in Australia, the UK, Turkey and, Canada, as well as, many places around the US.   I know some of you live in other countries that I haven't mentioned.  I apologize for not remembering where all of you live.

This page is for all of you.  Knowing you, seeing your work, sharing your excitement in each new piece you create brings joy to me and my life.  I'm so thankful that I've met each of you.


  1. Great artistic work, Boo! Thanks for sharing! Nelda in Jackson

  2. A beautiful bright colourful fun piece of artwork Boo. ;D
    What a lovely sentiment too. I'm going to go back through your posts to hopefully meet Scooter ^..^ Mufftypup insists!
    From Melbourne Australia all the way to you...thanks for sharing!

    Neesie ♥

  3. A fun page with a playful, circus feel. So happy to see all of your journaling work, Boo!

  4. Fun and colorful pages. I so enjoy the artistic blogger friends I have.


  5. Fun page, I find it also great to be meeting fellow artist from all over the globe! There is so much talent out there to be inspired by.

  6. it really is a remarkable thing how we all meet here. such serendipity and JOY. I don't have the in-person people at this time, but I really don't notice that as a "lack" in any way. how amazing... I have thought of this BEfore, but I am so glad for the little nudge to think it Now.

    enJOY and BE glad!!

  7. isn't it great to have friends to make art with?? This is such a fun layout. It makes me want to party. thanks for participating.

  8. The fanciful, colorful artwork you created for all your friends looks fantastic! Thank you for this virtual color-party!

  9. This is so much fun. I really love how you have the circus feel over the print background. All the different lettering is amazing!

  10. Beautiful pages that brim with joyful celebration of friends!