Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Gift of Love

I've been itching to work in an altered book again.  I like the size of the canvas and I like the words on the pages that peek through.  I'm a collector of quotes.  I have been for years.  Facebook has made it so easy to find quotes with pictures.   

I found several about Dance so that is the theme of the first page in this new book.  The funny story of this page is that, Scoots, was not originally going to star on the page.  I cut out the definition of Dance from an old dictionary and when I got ready to use it I couldn't find it.  I often loose stuff when I'm serious about creating.  After searching for 10 minutes and looking on the floor around my table three times I was disgusted. 

I got up to walk about for a minute and saw a crumpled piece of paper in front of the couch.  My definition of Dance was in three pieces... hummmm, Scoots' work for sure.  He is notorious for picking up pieces of paper off the floor and leaving them in the living room.  I have yet to find the third piece of the definition.  I thought it made the page more interesting to use the pieces I did  find. I just had to add a mini file folder with Scoots' picture and the story of the missing definition on the inside.  

The title of the book I'm using is A Gift of Love.  I thought that was an appropriate name for my altered book.  I love doing altered books and each page is a gift to myself!

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  1. I still have the books that we worked on... and you're right, I need to just take the time and alter one for myself!