Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Halloween Stamps!!!

Someone at my office said the bad words..... "I'm ordering from Oriental Trading.  Do you want anything?"  Sigh, saying that to me is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  Of course I want something.  Probably several somethings.

I looked at every bead, paper storage container and stamp on their website.  I was pretty good.  I only bought two sets of Halloween Stamps.  I know ... I have plenty of Halloween stamps but these were cute and different from anything I have.  I bought a set of pumpkins with several different choices for faces.  I also bought a darling witch set that has a cauldron, a broom, a cool witch holding a Hocus Pocus book, a frog and some cool words.  I got both sets for $7.25.  It was a bargain.

I couldn't wait to get home and make a card. I'm minding my own business making a darling card when I look up and see Scooter dancing around the living room.  Scooter did not have a big greenish brown spot on his back when he went outside.  I asked him what he'd been doing and he took off.  We played look for me a few times in the doorways and then out the door he went.

I got to thinking... "what the heck was that on his back."  I go out the check on him and he runs inside and right on to my bed.  Holy Crap.... he smells like ..... well, he smells like crap.  The dog just had a bath last night.  What is it with this dog?  Every time he's clean, the next day he's out digging in mud or even better, rolling in s_ _ t.  I have no idea what kind of animal left that in my backyard.  I hope he doesn't come back anytime soon.

For the second time in 24 hours, Scoots has had a bath and I'm pretty wet.  I feel like all I do is change wet shirts these days.  I guess, I'll walk him on a leash tonight.  I sure don't want to give him a third bath!

I know you are concerned about the witch card.  I was too.  I did finish it.  It is so darling.  She's dropping Eye of Newt into the cauldron and saying magic words. I hope you like her.  I've decided Scooter is going as a Clean Dog for Halloween.


  1. Lol, very funny story. Love the adventures of Scoots. Love the card too. Cute!

  2. Funny blog, Boo! I look forward to your posts! My dog also loved rolling in stinky stuff. Made me so mad! I wish you wouldn't remind me of those times, since we would love to have another Cosby, but now I know why we don't!