Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grossed Out in TN

Advice Needed:  How do I teach my dog NOT to bring DEAD animals into the house?

I looked up posting my nice card of the month and there was something on my couch.  I thought it was a toy at first.  It was some kind of animal.  Dead I'm hoping.  It seriously cheeped me out.   Next thing I know I'm in my kitchen.  The dead animal now has my living room.  My phone is in my living room.

What the hell??? How can I call someone if it has my phone?  I ran in quick like a bunny to get my phone and Scooter is on the couch with that thing.  I must have yelled "NO," really loud because the next thing I know... the dog was hiding in the bedroom.

Thank God, I have a neighbor finally.  He was very kind and came over with gloves and a bag. Your basic dead critter removal gear, I guess.   He calmly says its just the back half of a really dead squirrel.  I'm standing on one foot in my kitchen making facing and trying to say thank you to this nice young man.  I owe him big time now!!!


  1. You are SO hilarious! Thank you for the laugh, I needed that. Hope you are having a wonderful day today. It is very rainy and blah here, I had to turn on my heat this morning and I love the cool weather, just not the cold and dreary kind. Oh well, I guess we take whatever the good Lord sends us and be thankful for another day!! Anyway - sending you sunny thoughts and a big ol' hug.