Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Remote and Mulberry Paper

What does the remote and mulberry paper have in common you might be asking? They were both missing in action. I always keep the remote in the same spot and it was gone. I searched for two days. I knew I had mulberry paper and I wanted to use it on my next Red Hat project.

The remote I found this afternoon. It fell off the table and landed behind the shredder. I looked everywhere around the shredder except behind it. Sure am glad it has returned to it's proper place. I was afraid to ask what the cable company would charge me for a new one.

Success with the remote spurred me on where the mulberry paper was concerned. I couldn't find it because I had a case of the.... "Mama, I can't find my shoes." You know that syndrome where children and husbands can't find what is right in front of them. You tell them to look in the bottom cabinet and they can't see it right in front of their eyes.

That was my problem last night. I knew where I thought I put the paper but I only glanced in the cabinet and I'd put something in front of it. Sigh.... today when I was fresh from my remote success, I looked again. And low and behold, it was right where I thought it should be.

The mulberry paper gives me hope. I am putting " like things" together as I unpack them. It was with paper... go figure!!

The moral of this story is... celebrate the small victories. I could go down that path of...if you had unpacked and culled things as soon as you moved in this house, you would know where everything is right now.  Reality is that I did not do that. I'm not going to berate myself for that either. Four years ago, I was dog paddling for all I was worth to keep my head above water. I succeeded. I stayed afloat and now I'm a happy and content person.

So, I am celebrating that I found the remote and that the mulberry paper is ready to be made into my next project. Celebrating the small victories is a much better use of my time and mental energy than getting down on myself.

I hope you celebrate a small victory today. It might be a newly made card, a found object or a new friend. Whatever the size of your accomplishment... celebrate and enjoy your success!

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  1. I love your blog! It is like listening to you talk--very humorous!