Monday, October 3, 2011

Embrace Your Quirkiness.

I went to a Rubber Stamp Retreat last weekend.   I can't remember when I've had more fun or when I've laughed so much.  One of my stamping buddies gave me a rubber stamp that says....Be Quirky.  

I'm sure she gave this to me because I was doing something odd or had forgotten a word that would have made my sentence make more sense.  In a nut shell.... I am quirky.  I don't feel to bad about that.  It's who I am.  I think the important part here is to embrace my quirkiness. 

I hope to post some of my paper crafts on this blog..... I have to learn to get the pictures from the camera to the computer..... I know this should not be difficult.... For some reason is it for me. 

Check back soon... maybe my latest projects will have appeared here by then.

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