Friday, May 29, 2015

Wings .... Guest Blogger for Journal 52

Wooo Hoooo, I'm excited to announce that I'm the Guest Blogger for Journal 52 this week.  The theme is WINGS. That theme is right up my alley.  Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies are all reoccurring themes in my art journal. If you would like to see the step by step tutorial of how I made this page, head on over the Journal 52. 

I have just started reading Paint Mojo by Tracy Verdugo. There is a chapter on symbols and things that occur in your work over and over. Things that fly are mine.  I've been thinking about why.  Do those creatures symbolize anything for me?

At first I thought, "No, I just like them."  I've mulled it over a while and here is what I think today.  Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies all have a few things in common.  They fly is the most evident one.  What does that mean to me? Flying symbolizes freedom for me. They flit from place to place free and happy. 

More specifically... Birds are small but very strong creatures.  It takes a lot of effort to fly and they do it with ease. They have to make a new home every spring. That takes amazing strength in my book. 

Butterflies are all about change. They start out as fuzzy worms and turn into something beautiful. They totally remake themselves in order to fly free. This has really been brought home to me this year because my friends, Wee Man and Twinkle Toes Allan have a Butterfly project going. Check out their blog. It's amazing to watch the change take place. 

Dragonflies... remind me of floating and of water. "They are fast agile fliers, sometimes migrating across oceans, and are often but not always found near water. They are symbols of courage, strength and happiness in Japan." 

You may be wondering what the heck does this have to do with me? Over the last 16 years, I've made many changes in my life. I feel like I have come out of my cocoon and that I'm finally becoming who I am suppose to be.  

Mentally, emotionally and artistically, I feel like I have more courage and strength than I did when I was younger.  I know I am happier inside my skin.  Even though I still go to work everyday and do all the things I have to do to survive... I feel free. I feel lighter and more content than I have in my whole life.

And as for water.... my favorite place to be is the ocean. I don't live near the ocean and I miss visiting the beach very much.  I feel closer to God and more at peace when I'm at the beach.  

Do you have reoccurring themes in your art journal?

Link to:  Journal 52, Paint Party Friday, Art Journal Everyday, Twinkle's Twaddle & Wee Man of course


  1. I am like you and feel a lot more confident and more like me as I get older... which is kind of how it should be I think... don't want to peak too early lol... great page and congrats on being the guest blogger... xx

  2. Confidence is the one GREAT thing about getting older:):) Beautiful colors and journal page. My recurring themes most often have to do with places I love in Europe or long to see, nature, hearts, a sense of peace, and circles.

  3. When I'm in the garden is when I feel closer to God. I like the way you think and appreciate it. Your work is awesome. Take care.

  4. Congratulations on your guest spot at Journal 52! I love the jewel tones in your beautiful bird page. I can relate to symbols and things that appear in your work regularly, since mine is probably scripture. Happy PPF! #10

  5. You've given me something to think about and look for in my work. Intrigued by what you wrote, I ordered the book from the library. It give me hope when I read that you feel like you have come out of your cocoon and becoming who you are suppose to be. Love the page and happy that you were selected as a guest Blogger for Journal 52. Diane from PPF

  6. Love your pretty page, and congratulations on your guest spot!! Aging definitely has it's perks! Wisdom and feeling self confident seems to be two!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Gorgeous page. I love you color combination and the summery feel to your page.

  8. Lovely sentiment behind your use of birds! I don't make journal pages but I do doodle a lot of flying things but in my case I think it's because I like wings and feathers!

  9. Congratulations! I adore your artwork. It is so pretty and fun.

  10. Gorgeous bird with a great saying. I love drawing birds, ducks, faces, bulls/animals. . .but mostly my 'yellow cottage' I am trying to find. Blessings, Janet PPF