Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great Easter Memories

Growing up Easter morning would brings a basket full of candy with a big chocolate rabbit. We couldn't eat any candy until we return from Mass and had eaten breakfast so I'd check out everything in the basket and then have to leave it sitting at home for the next couple of hours.

My favorite Easter memory is running to my basket after breakfast and finding that there was a bite out of my chocolate rabbit's ears.  This happened every year. As a child, I thought the Easter bunny had returned while we were at church and taken a bite.  I thought it was so cool that he came back to my house for a snack.  I was probably 10 years old before I realized who was really biting the ears off my rabbit.

I asked my younger brother if he remembered the bites out of the ears and he said, he was 12 years old before he realized that the rabbits weren't manufactured with a bite out of the ears. 

Fast forward 60 years and guess what I found at breakfast when I visited my dad the weekend before Easter? Yep, the bunny was still leaving chocolate rabbits with a bite out of the ears. I am very blessed to still have my dad in my life.  He will be 92 in August and you would never know it from looking at him.  He told me that his memory is not as good as it once was.... well for me... he remembers the important things... like the rabbit ears.

The hand drawn bunnies were made by drawing with a stylus in thick gesso as it was drying. The color is sprays inks.  The blue was made by my friend, Ann, with Distressed Reinkers, Water and Matte Medium. Her formula makes a great permanent spray. I made the yellow with acrylic ink and a little water and the pink is Radiant Rain.   After all was dry, I went back and added more color to the lines with Inktense pencils.

Link to: The Documented Life Project, Paint Party Friday Art Journal Everyday., Journal 52


  1. Be sure your Dad sees this. He will get a kick out of it. And, I do love the sprays made from the reinkers. I was looking to make a permanent spray, when I stumbled upon the recipe on You Tube. You need equal parts of water and matte medium and as much reinker as you need for the vibrancy you desire. You know me. . . I love an "in your face" color. LOL

  2. LOVE love love this story... I hope everyone reads it!! Such a sweet sweet thing he did and remembered!! I will be telling this one to my adult kids!! You are blessed to have your dad so long!!

    Big hugs, you made my day!

  3. What a beautiful story Boo, thank you so much for sharing it. I can imagine the thrill of joy you got on seeing the rabbit at your dad's home with the bite taken from it. Treasured memories are made of these moments and I hope you get to share lots more.
    My Wee Man would not like it, but I wish I'd known the wee 'trick' when my grown up family were youngsters.
    Have a wonderful weekend {{hugs}} x.