Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunshine on a Winter Day

I had a big surprise on Friday morning.  One of my pieces of art is featured on Paint Party Friday this week.I am very honored. Thank you, Eva and Kristin. Paint Party Friday is has a plethora of great art.  You can check it out here. 

The past seven days have been days of frozen rain, sleet, ice, snow, sunshine but frigid temperatures, more snow, then ice and now rain.  Oh and did I mention there will probably be some flooding too?  Welcome to weather in Tennessee.  

I work at the top of a hill. I could not get up the hill until Wednesday at noon. I have to say I was sick of being house bound and I was only in for 2.5 days.  I have a friend whose driveway is still a sheet of ice.  She is using cleats and ski poles to get her mail each day.  Dog bladders have been holding for way longer than usual because they can't find any grass and so they won't consider going outside unless they are about to pop.  Now you know why I did this page in my altered cook book. I needed warm sunshine even if it was just on a page in a journal. 

The page already had some color on it because I'd used it to clean off some paint brushes. I added a little gesso. Next, I used some paper texture paste that I've had at least 10 years.
I'm not sure the stuff is still being made. I dug it out of my stash.

The SANTITAS® White Corn Tortilla Chips package is what inspired this page.  The sun rays are from said bag of chips. I trimmed the rays from the bag and used three different yellow acrylic paints trying to match the rays for the face.  I ended up making the face too large and finally just cut the eyes, nose and mouth out and glued them on the page. I like how you can see some of the other colors through the white of the top of the chip bag.  Sharpie paint pens were used for the eyes and lips. This was a pretty quick page. The eyes took the longest. I'm not a big fan of faces because mine are usually a little scary looking to me.

Update: The excitement never ends around here. When I arrived home last evening one of my friends said, I think there is a water leak.  Lo and behold, there was water bubbling out of the road. It reminded me of when Jed Clampett found black gold on his property. It was just bubbling out of the road. I called the Gas and Water Department and at 11:30 lasting night a backhoe was digging up my street. Thankfully I sleep through most of the time that we had no water.  Enough of my babbling. I hope you are safe and comfortable where ever you live. Wishing you a very arty day!

Link to:  Paint Party Friday, Art Journal Everyday 

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  1. Congratulations on being featured! Sunshine on a page is lovely...but not quite what you really want! Here's hoping the bad weather clears up soon...and that there are no more water leaks...All the best... take care not to slip!

    Hugs Giggles