Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Play Relieves My Stress

I saw a graphic at church on Sunday of a heart. It inspired me to use a heart in my journal.

Most of the images in my journal look flat I am beginning realizing.  I wanted this heart to look like it was on top of the background.  I have no formal training in art and things that are automatic for trained artists are often difficult for me. I kept playing and adding paint until it looked like the heart was raised.

After laying a background of craft paints, I used wine colored paint and drew the heart with my fingers.  Then I stared adding lighter colors of paint around the edges of the heart.  When I was finished the whole thing was way to bright so I took a single white layer from a paper napkin and glued it over the whole page using matte medium.  

As the napkin was drying I rubbed the napkin with my fingers so that piece of it curled up. This gave me great texture and the 3 d illusion.  I added purple paint over the top of the napkin on the heart.  I added more touches of different colors with my fingers all over the page.  Finally, I used two Mr. Huey stencils to have some additional interest.  The circles were made with a piece of sequin waste. I use very inexpensive children's brushes from Michael's for my stenciling. They make wonderful stencil brushes because the bristles are stiff.  

The whole purpose of this page was to play.  I believe that adults would be happier if they played more. I have at least two friends who don't know how to play. Everything they do has to have a purpose.  That makes me so sad. All our lives have stress, anxiety and sadness in them. Art Journaling is my way of letting all of the "stuff" of life slide off my shoulders. 

When I sit down with paper and paint, I become one with the little child inside me who wants to play and be happy. More and more I realize that my time with my journal is when I'm closest to God. I believe no mater the state of the world, God wants me to be content within myself.  I can lose myself when I journal and be one with God.

Link to:  Paint Party Fridayl,  Art Journal Everyday  


  1. Boo, this is absolutely stunning! You definitely achieved getting the heart on top of the background with your colors. Your piece is beautiful.

  2. You play beautifully! I agree one hundred percent and also have friends who do not know how to just be, or play! Yes I find spirit moves through those who create including me!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. This is so beautiful Boo. You play like an expert and your description took me along with you.
    Have a fab weekend :o))

  4. Love your playtime. Very nice work.

  5. I think the focus we have on the process of art making, playing around and enjoying what we do gives our mind and body a state of happiness and wellbeing.
    Thank you for sharing your art and process!
    Happy PPF