Friday, November 7, 2014

Slogging through Mud

Do you every feel like you are climbing uphill through thick mud?  That's how I've felt for the last month. First I had hand surgery and then the doctor gave me medicine for high blood pressure. My hand is improving daily. I just need to strengthen it some more.                                                                                 This blood pressure medicine is making me so tired.  I couldn't stay awake with the first one so they gave me a second one.  I'm still very tired and I have to tell you it's irritating the crap out of me.  I work eight hours and then want to go home and go to bed.  This is seriously messing with my art time.  For the past two years, I have gone from work to my art table every afternoon.  Since the beginning of October I've spend very little time playing with paint (that's what I call my art time).  I really miss it.  I keep hoping my body will adjust to this medicine and I'll get back to my old self soon.

I'm telling you all of this because many of you have commented on how prolific I've been in creating over the last two years. I wanted to share with you that I too, have a hard time creating sometimes.  

I'm not thrilled with my cityscape. I'm posting it because it's the first thing I've worked on in over a week. I'm just happy that I got to play with my paint markers.  I had every intention of putting some buildings behind the front ones and now that I look at the finished product I see that I didn't do what was in my head at all.  

I usually work in a more intuitive way. I put in paint what I'm feeling and what just feels right at that moment in time. I guess maybe this is more intuitive than I thought since I'm feeling a bit flat right now and my painting is definitely flat.  I may rework this piece. I don't like the sun. If I re-work it I'll post an updated photo.

Many artists have told me to go to the studio everyday, even it you don't create anything near a masterpiece it is important to create something everyday.  I have doodled a bit here and there over the last month.  Most of those I've tossed in the trash but at least I stretched my creative brain a tiny bit.

When you are in a slump or not feeling well, do you have a "go to" are form that you practice?  \

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  1. Yes, I know what it like to feel like you're climbing up a steep hill through thick mud. I go to my art journal and splodge paint around when I'm feeling like that, sometimes I journal it all too, and I find it therapeutic whatever the outcome of the page. I like your citiscape. Bless you, I pray you will receive healing and strength.