Monday, September 29, 2014

Colors I don't Use Often

The Documented Life Project challenge for this week is to use three color that I don't usually use.  I don't use a lot of silver or gold so I used those along with Golden's Green/Gold which I bought and really don't care for.

I painted the background with Fluid Acrylic Green/Gold. Then I used homemade masks and stippled around them with gold paint.  Next I dripped Tim Holtz silver paint down the page. It was too streaky for me so I added more  gold and the some heavy body Green/Gold to the flower pods at the bottom.  I like how only little bits of the silver peek through.

I have found I'm a creature of habit. I didn't like to create with colors that I don't usually use. I guess it's good for me to be pushed a little from time to time.

What are the least used colors on your pallet?

Link to: DLP


  1. I really like how it turned out, and I think it's brave of you to take the challenge on like you did :-) I know I avoid some colors, especially the primary red, yellow, and blue, or "grass green". I prefer to mix colors, and when I can mix yellow into the other colors, or mix red and blue with white, for instance, I'm good to go :-) I did try to move a little bit out of my comfort zone the other day when I made card with a lot of primary red .... but I know I would have liked it more had I used different colors. A creature of habit perhaps - or just a matter of taste?

  2. I like how it turned out Boo, it reminds me of a wheat field; all golden and shimmery.
    I don't know what colours I use less of, but I haven't used much colour this month, doing most of my 29 Faces in pencil.
    Good luck with your new sketching group. I hope you share some of your pictures here or on M3 ((hugs))