Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Flowers

This page started with me cleaning the green paint off my brush on the page. I added a bit of orange and then the blue.

I usually collage my pages.  These flowers are one of few things that I draw well enough that you know what it is when I finish.  I doodle flowers when I'm on the phone too.  I stenciled on some swirls in yellow and orange to give the background a bit more texture. The words are a Hero Arts stamp and archival ink. 

There is something about yellow and orange flowers that make me think... happy.

Link: Paint Party Friday, Inspire Me Monday, Mandarin Orange Monday


  1. They are very 'Happy Flowers' :D I particularly like the one you have bent down :D (hugs)

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure, Boo! Thanks for sharing the happiness with us *and * for sharing in August heART!

  3. Summer happy flowers...I change out the artwork on my mantle for each season and have one of my kid's paintings that is similar in place right now♪

    1. Thanks, Laurie. Great idea to change out the art work by season.

  4. Oh love it all. Your very talented lady like others who visit your page.

  5. These are indeed happy flowers - beautifully done!!
    Sandy xx

  6. Very cherry, warm and sunny looking! Thanks for sharing!

  7. such a lovely piece
    full of summer's spirit

  8. I know I am late for PPF as it is already Friday again here lol but I really wanted to comment on these flowers... They are so fabulously bright and lovely on a grey ish winter day... Makes the mind turn to thoughts of spring