Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flip Flop Repair Shop... I Wanna Go There.

My vacation started out with a bang.  I went to visit, Ann and we celebrated her birthday. I used the picture that was on her party plates as my inspiration for this page. 

The flap was designed by Ann for a swap she was in a few years ago. We found it when we were going through some of her supplies. I added the flap like a mask for me tiki guy. It says, Margaritaville, Flip Flop Repair Shop. Is that perfect for my journal or what??? 

Using an actual paper plate in my journal wasn't as easy as it looks.  Paper plates have layers of paper and some kind of coating to make them waterproof. That is great when you are eating but causes a bit of extra work if you are using it as part of your art.  I sprayed the back of the paper plate with water and proceeded to peel at least 4 layers off the back so I would have just the thin colored layer left. The process requires a lot of rubbing and patience so you don't end up with holes in your design.  Then I trimmed around the tiki guy so he would fit on my page.

The background is a paper napkin from a set I gave Ann for her birthday. Only collage artists appreciate receiving a package of napkins as a gift.  I loved the multicolored border on those napkins. I saw in tiny letters that the napkin was designed by Jane Davies.  All the pieces were glued in using matte medium. The tape down the right side is the Scotch Expressions Decorative Masking tape. I used it to hold the the Tip In. This tape by Scotch is wonderful. I like it so much better than regular Washi Tape because it holds so much better.

I love this page. It is so me and so Ann. I hope my page bought a smile to your face.

Link: Artist Play Room   Expression Decorative Tape


  1. Fabulously colourful Boo! Sounds like you had a really good break away, especially as it was with arty friends. What could be better :o)

  2. I love the Tiki mask nephew always calls them Freaky Tiki's (not just Tiki by itself) because of a Scooby Doo movie he used to watch all the time when he was every time I see one, I say "Ohh! A freaky tiki!" :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the Scotch Decorative Tape! The non-stickiness of washi tape is my chief complaint, so I will have to keep an eye out for the Scotch kind! <3<3<3