Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love Cotton!

I grew up in the south. I remember seeing fields of cotton growing when we left the city for vacation. I still see cotton fields from time to time when I visit my home town.  A cotton field is beautiful. It looks like a field of snow in the middle of the summer. This page is done for the Journal 52 Fashion Challenge. I didn't want to do clothing... instead I wanted to do fabric.  Cotton is my favorite fabric. 95% of my clothes are made of cotton. I love the soft, smooth feel of cotton. It is not scratchy against my skin. I own a ton of cotton knit items... T Shirts, capri pants, sweats and of course cotton jammies of all kinds.  What could be better than a comfortable pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt on a cold day?  I could go on and on but I think you get the point... I love cotton.

This page is done in my recycled WordPerfect manual. The background is painted with green craft paint and then I journaled in huge scribbly writing with a green/red crayola colored pencil. (I called this type of writing my Carolyn Dube Scribble writing.)  I went through my dust cloths to find a pieces of plaid flannel and denim. I glued the fabric to discarded pieces of card stock to give them a little stiffness. I used a Sizzix die to cut the flowers. I found green brads in my stash for the centers of the flowers.  

Next I used one of the pieces left from cutting the flowers as a stencil and stenciled matching flowers in blue on the background of my page. The word Cotton was cut from a 1.5 inch set of dies from Sizzix compliments of my neighbor who bought that alphabet last winter.  The letters are cut from chip board and painted with watered down red craft paint. I used a small piece of a credit card to make the designs on the letters as well as the marks on the background. The letters are glued down with heavy duty double stick tape.

Link: Journal 52, Carolyn Dube, Artist Play Room

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