Saturday, May 31, 2014

23,000. Yikes!! Give Away Time

I realize this morning that there has been almost 23,000 views of my blog. I find that to be beyond amazing. I'm a small town gal from the southern US who likes to play with paint and paper.  Who knew so many people would travel this path with me.

I am honored and awed by the number of people who take the time to view my blog. I love art journaling and I appreciate it so much that you are traveling this journey with me. Your comments warm my heart and make my fingers twitch to create everyday.

I had no idea when I started blogging that I would make friends with people who live all over the world. You have all been so kind to me. Many of you art journal as well. It is so fun for me to grow as an artist along side of you. I learn so much from you. 

It's time to celebrate with a Give Away. I'm thinking I'll give away a stamp set this time or maybe a mini collage. I haven't decided. If you'd like a chance to win please leave a comment below.  I'll put all your names in a hat and draw a winner when I reach 23,000 or next Friday, June 4.  One comment per person please.

Again, Thank you so much for supporting me. Your comments and friendship mean so very much to me.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Courtney, I didn't realize that was you. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Congrats :-) I'm new to art journaling, it's a completely new challenge to me and I'm excited about what I'll learn. I'm glad I found your blog. Suzanne

  3. Way to go Boo! That's quite an accomplishment, especially when it is doing something you obviously enjoy doing and you do it so well.

    1. Thank You. I love art journaling. I love using things others would toss in the trash to make something beautiful.

  4. Wooo-Hoo! Congratulations Boo, that's a fantatic number. I wonder how long it'll take me to get there, lol. I have really enjoyed seeing your art go from strength to strength and now you are a published artist, to boot!! It shows in all that you do, how much you enjoy creating. Never stop. Never stop inspiring us. Those of us that need encouragement and support, know that you are always there, always valued and always respected. **Hugs** :o)

  5. Boo, I am so proud of you! 23.000 is an amazing milestone. I agree with Twinkle Toes, your encouragement and support has made this a fun journey for a lot of people. If you had not sent that that private message back in December 2012, I probably would have never gotten so into mailart, atc's, and art journaling. Enabler alert... if Boo ever sends you a private message, you probably will be spending A-LOT of time and money in the near future, but it will all be worth it! Honey, I love you and treasure our friendship. Hugs, Pamikins!!!!

  6. Boo, way to go! I always enjoy reading about (and seeing photos of) your latest art projects! Keep up the inspiration!!