Monday, March 24, 2014

Willing to Try Something That May Not Work?

This is the perfect quote for this page. The page began painted with a combination of green paint and gesso. Then I added three colors of honey comb rows.  A yellow, a light green and a orange yellow. The page was very ugly.  

In the past, a page this ugly would have really gotten me down. I just looked at it and thought.."there's always gesso."  I painted over the whole page with watered down gesso. Then I used a baby wipe and the stencil to wipe off some of the gesso. I added some washi tape to give it a little pop.  The letters are stenciled using the negative from a Tim Holtz alphabet die cut that was sitting on my table.  

I didn't give up and now I like this page very much.  I hope you will try one more thing on a page you are not happy with this week. Please let me know how it turns out.


  1. Definitely not ugly. I really like all the different elements and textures and layers. The washi is perfect & the alphabet the right company for the letter washi too. I think the page has a fabric look to it. I like th quote you added Boo. I have a page in book that I'm not overly happy with & was thinking today how I could change it up a little and rather thangesso it I'm thinking of neo 2s and a baby wipe. I shall see. :o) x

  2. Hey Sugar - I am a little late as usual - I just putz along. The joke is on you - your page is NOT ugly and I love the quote!!
    Sandy xx