Saturday, March 29, 2014

Abstract Art..... Who Knew I Could Do That?

I have done very little abstract art.  It never occurred to me to try it until I joined Journal 52, a free art journal workshop.  Abstract was one of the challenges and I kind of ignored that one because I didn't know how to do it.

This piece was totally intuitive. I really didn't think about what I was going to do or how I would do it.  I just started picking up paint and other things on my desk and this is what I created.  It was very soothing to be in the zone.  (disclaimer: I did not know I was creating an abstract work of art until after it was completed)

I found light grey paint and that is where I started...... The pieces with the holes are dry wall tape I bought online at Lowes. I love that stuff.  It's paper and sticky back and takes paint so well.  I cut it in strips and painted the strips different colors.  My only thought was bright.... I wanted bright colors.  The stenciled circles were made using the part of the dry wall tape that was peeled off the back of the strips.

The orange and and green circles were made with a piece of a bath tub mat. It has those little section cups on it and I painted them and then stamped them on the page.  

The blue squares were made with the plastic insert from some kind of packaging.  It had 12 little wells that must have held candy or some doo dad.  It's just another of the odd things I've saved because I thought it would make a cool mark on a page or the gelli plate.

The big white circles were made with a piece of pvc plumbing pipe.  Someone gave it to me and it's been sitting around waiting to be used too.

The green circles were a leftover from another piece I was working on that I found under a pile of papers on my desk.  I used my Creative memories punches to different size circles. I really like the way using the negative and the positive of the pieces worked out.

All the straight lines on this piece were made with the edge of a credit card.  I'm amazed at how many ways I can use a credit card besides for spending money. 

Do you create abstract art?  I would love to see your work... please leave your link in the comment section.  Someday I'll learn how to use Mr. Linky and you can link your work here but not today.   Happy Creating!!!

Link:  Journal 52, Artist Play Room


  1. Never heard of Journal 52, sounds just what I need at the moment, thank you for the link. Love your abstract..........have tried but am total rubbish at it. Annette x

    1. I think you'll like it. New challenge each week. Also try The Documented Life Project. It's free too.