Monday, October 14, 2013

Part 3... Still Stretching.. That's Something to Crow About.

A Crow on Bales of Hay is the next part of my
Fall Canvas for my friend, Linda.  She requested a crow.  She said they have an ongoing battle with squirrels at their place so no squirrels in her picture, please. 

The bales are made from corrugated card board and then painted with at least 4 colors of yellows and browns.  Then I took my embossing tool and made some score line in it to make it looks less flat.  Then I rubbed some Sepia ink into it. Finally I ran my piercing tool up and down it to rough it up a bit more. I tied them with some burlap thread as a finishing touch.  

The crow is cut from craft foam and then cover with some molding paste. My paste was almost dried out so it's uneven and lumpy which makes the bird look a bit more real.  After he is dry I'll try adding him to my canvas and maybe I'll be finished with this piece.

I've had to think and mull over how I wanted this piece to be.  Maybe that is because it's a bit more realistic than what I usually do.  I don't think the proportions are correct but I've decided that might be part of it's charm.  It's mixed media not a painting of a fall scene.  This piece is different than what I usually do. Normally, I just throw paint down and go from there... This was a bit more planned.  I'm not sure I'd want to do a lot of pieces that way.  It was a bit more challenging and I did enjoy that. I stretched once again... I'm still working on my word for the year... Stretch.

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  1. Those hay bales are fantastic Boo and the crow does look quite real with the embossing paste on it.
    Your friend is going to be delighted with the whole piece :o) x