Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm An Artist

I'm fairly new to believing I'm an artist.  I made a commitment to myself several months ago do something creative everyday.  Most of the time I work in my art journal or my altered book.  I'm very comfortable doing that.  I've worked consistently for several months now and that work is paying off for me.

I've wanted to do a canvas for a while but I'm afraid. I don't know why a canvas is scary.  It just a flat surface and I can gesso over it if I really screw it up.  Today, I decided I wanted to do something a little larger than a book page.  I really wanted to work on canvas but chickened out in the end.  This is done in a "book" I recycled from a job years ago. I worked on it  "as if"  it was a canvas.  

I began by painted the page with gesso.  Then I used a light purple paint over the gesso  leaving some white peaking through.  I cut the vase from a page I'd taken out of my altered book.  I folded the paper in half so that I could get my vase to be the same on both sides.  I lightly painted the vase with a shade darker purple than my background.  I gave it a couple coats.  Finally I finger painted the stripes with a darker purple.

The flowers are cut from two Sizzix dies using chipboard.  I gessoed them and then painted them with craft paints.  After they were dry I peeled one of the chip board layers off the back of the flowers so they would not be too bulky in my book.   I used a round brush to paint the greenery and stems and then arranged the flowers.  Scotch Quick Dry Glue was used to attach the flowers.  I used a Hero Arts background stamp for the text background in a purple and then in white.  I used a black Stabilo Pencil around one side of the vase for a tiny shadow.  The final touch was to outline the flowers with a white water based Sharpie Paint Marker.

I am amazed that I did this piece. I'm so pleased with my progress.  I now believe that I can do a canvas.  Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and encourage me. I treasure your comments.  I appreciate your encouragement so much.

Link :  Artist Play Room, A Year in the Life of An Art Journal , Creative Everyday


  1. Boo, you are INDEED and ARTIST! I am proud of all you are doing lately. Keep it are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Check you out, Mrs Artist! That picture is fabulous and you didn't 'just' paint onto paper, card or canvas, you did mixed media and made it 3D too! You are an inspiration. I agree totally with Nancy :0) Mo x

  3. Boo, you are most certainly an artist! Your work is beautiful! And as for painting on canvas...go for it!! It's really not scary once you start :). I think you will love it!!

  4. Hey Boo! May name is Sandy and I am a new follower and have now subscribed to your blog. You are where I would like to go! Your journal page is gorgeous with beautiful colors and design. I do believe you are an artist!!
    Congratulations Sugar!!

  5. It's beautiful! I know sometimes I don't want to get started on things, I worry that they won't turn out the way I want them to. But at some point, I take the plunge. Sometimes they don't come out the way I want them to, but sometimes, I like them better that way then what I had initially wanted. Your piece is lovely and I hope you'll take the canvas plunge! Your art is wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous! I believe you are ready for a canvas too. You have a good eye for color and composition, and you're background has some nice depth. Blessings!

  7. This is a beautiful page Boo! The colours are fabulous. I love it.

  8. You are indeed an artist! This card and your blog testify! Beautiful everything, colors, layout, all of it.

  9. It is really fantastic...Thanks for stopping by y blog too...Thanks so much for your encouraging words...we all thrive from that....about the canvas..instead of trying to do an image, or drawing on the canvas...just use it for around with drippng...spraying..scraping...stamping...etc to get a nice bunch of color and texture...dont worry yourself with getting a perfect composition or image..just play with color and texture...for sure that will free you up to experiment on canvas..believe me we have all had those fears...but this is what helped me to over come that obstacle..maybe you too..!