Saturday, April 20, 2013

What is a Found Stencil?

I woke up this morning with an idea for a page of lists.  This was not what it looked like in my head.  What I think and what my hands can do are not always the same. It happens that ways sometimes.  I'm happy with it anywat. Linking to The Sketchbook Challenge.

I love the flowers in the background.  They were made with a "found" stencil.  What is a found stencil?  It something you find that makes a great stencil but was made to be something else.  This is the bottom of a plastic paper plate holder.  I bought 2 for $1 at the grocery story.  It makes a great background.  I thought all that color needed a little calming so I used a silhouette for the focal point.  It reminds me of Hawaii.

Link to APR   It made me think of Jenn's ditty because none of those are showing... No fingers, no toes.  :).


  1. Great 'list' page idea, and I agree your APR page is Hawaiianish. Quick off the mark for the new theme, #No fingers# #No toes#, lol
    Clever use of your found stencil too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Boo :0) MO

  2. But head and shoulders are showing, so it fits. Lovely image.

  3. I am very impressed with your found stencil! Great piece.

  4. Love these. Great finding! I saw a scrap of a tire tread on the road yesterday and thought 'that would make great texture!' Should've picked it up.