Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unexpected Happy Accident

I did this page for the April showers Bring May Flowers prompt in The Mail Artists Corner.   

This is a Gelli print I did a while back.  I wanted to match the green background but have no clue anymore what combination I use to get the color.  I love how there are little bits of others pulls in the background. 

The coolest thing about the piece is the black "rain".  It was made when the copy machine messed up and was spitting out paper with black streaks.  I, of course, saved that paper from the recycle bin and Gelli printed on it.  I love how it looks like rain.  That was a Happy Accident.  

The figure is Tim Holtz's Umbrella Man.  The arrows are a stencil a friend made for me.  The flowers and leaves are from Nature's Print Shop.  I love, love, love this set of stamps.  Ink is Stazon and Adirondacks.

Links: The Mail Artist Corner,  April's Colorful Gelli Print Party & Creative Every Day


  1. Lovely combination of purple and green, not many people would think of that and it works so well. Happy accidenys, yes, but it is the artist's eye that sees it and uses it to advantage. Lovely image.

  2. I too love the colour combo Boo. I also love your arrow stencil. How cool that the black rain caught your imagination. I'm impressed :0) Mo x

  3. Oh, such yummy colors!! Love the layout, too. Thanks for using my stamps :-)

  4. I love your stamps, Bibi. I just realize I didn't attach a link to Nature's Print Shop. I'll fix that right now.

  5. Great fun - love the colour combination too!

  6. Great way to recycle! The rain is perfect with the Gelli printed Umbrella Man! So glad you shared this with the party!