Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Silly Girl - Happy, Joyous and Free

I watched an interview with Jessica Sporn this morning.  It was fun, enlightening and encouraging. She was a performance arts major, then a lawyer for years before she became an artist.  She said that when she was pregnant she craved art instead of pickles.

For several months now, I have craved art also.  If I don't have paint on my fingers or ink on my face, I get a little down.  Art is like my own special anti-depressant.  

My art comes from that kid inside me who is happy, joyous and free.  She likes inky fingers and playing with paint. I spent years and years being an adult. I was so serious about everything.  I worried and carried on about things I could do nothing about.  

Finally at age 58, I've learned to play.  That is not so say that I don't pay my bills or go to work each day.  I am now a responsible adult who knows how important it is to play.  I have less money, a smaller house and a happier spirit these days.  I am filled with gratitude that the silly girl has finally come into her own.  

My page today is about silly flower girls.  I've been looking at them and I think I am most like the one in the bottom left corner.  I started these girls because my friends in Mixed Media Madness have been making whimsical girls that I admire.  I can't draw a face worth a darn so I decided to let my imagination run wild.  I see now that each one I made became a little more free and less "people like."  I did them in this order:  Right, top and bottom.  I think each one is more playful than the one before.  What have you done for fun today?

Linked to Artist Play Room (I hope this make you smile, Jenn)


  1. These are so cool, I love experimenting with art materials and that is my play time.

  2. Souperb!! Hehe - couldn't resist. What a great idea these are, and so cute too.
    For my fun today, I went and drew negative space in the school playground whilst wee man cycled around on his bike. I also, made a foam kit pirate mask/hat for said wee man. Crafty crafty! :D Mo

  3. Your flower girls are fun. What did I have fun with today? Finishing my 'Fruit' painting and posting it on my blog. And now I'm having fun trying to get round and see what everybody else at APR has posted for Fruit.

  4. What a play-ful idea! I enjoy the all, and I especially love the third winged flower're right in that the more we play, the better we get at it!

  5. I do love the last one, as she is ready to FLY!