Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sharing Blog Love


Please join me in the campaign to give virtual hugs to our fellow creative bloggers.  Link to blogs that you love to read, link to blogs that you’ve just discovered, link to blogs that are growing but not yet well known."  This quote came from Tammy at Daisy Yellow by way of Jana at Tangled Pen.  

Thank you, Jana, for writing about me.  I didn't know I was the first to comment on your blog. I'm so glad I did.  I love seeing your art work.  Jana is one of my new friends.  Maybe if she moves back to the US, we get to met in person.

Like Jana, I've made some wonderful friends through Daisy Yellow, Mixed Media Madness Facebook groups and through the blogs I visit.  I have such fun talking with other artists.  The blogs I visit most often are: Just Add Water, Silly  Artist's Play Room ,  Jenn has a fun challenge every week.  I've meet several very nice artist through her challenge.  Mo is the first to come to mind.  Mo doesn't blog so I see her work on Flckr.  Currie is another artist I met through Jenn and APR.  She also writes about what she is grateful for everyday.  I think that is something that would help us all.  Denise at Nessie Natters is so funny.  I met Denise when she was having a contest... Which I won.  Her dog picked the winners.  That sealed it for me. Anyone who loves their dog is wonderful in my book.  Denise is the Tangle Queen.  Her work is so cool  Then there is Alison at Paisley and Brown Paper.  Alison is an artist, photographer and now a book maker. Alison is the first person I really got to know when I visited Daisy Yellow.  I also have two Mixed Media Maddness friends who are new to blogging... Denise's Pieces & Lynn at Lulu's Art Life. I can't wait to see what they come up with.   It was amazing to meet someone who loved all the same art things I did.  All of these ladies inspire me daily.  Thank you so much.  

I'll list a few more that I visit often.  If I left you out it was not on purpose. I visit many blogs and my memory is going on 59 years now so I don't remember as well as I use to..... Feel free to leave your link in the comments.  

Others I visit often and really enjoy:

Art A Tag Gabriele 


  1. Hummmm, don't know why all of those words are highlighted. If anyone know how to fix it, I'd love to know.

    1. They're links dear-heart. Clicking on them takes one to the relevant blog. So whatever you wrote for that person's blog created a link. My name doesn't have a link. Thank you for naming me amongst your friends Boo. I am honoured. :0)) Mo x

  2. Thank you Boo for participating in the DY FB group and for your kind words and link love for artful bloggers!

  3. The 'Thank You!'s are coming right back to you :)
    Yes, you were the very first person... very special! As you wrote - it's so good to be able to meet so many 'like-minded' people, even if far away in the real world.
    It would be really cool to meet in person one day... who knows, nothing is impossible!!! Cheers, Jana

  4. Thanks for mentioning me Boo! This is a really nice idea!

  5. well WOW! I feel like I am in a neverending spiral of inspiration goodness. So glad you shared --- and you were linked too!

  6. Lots of link love!! I am looking forward to exploring all the links you shared, especially the new to me links. :)