Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrating New Beginnings

This is the last page in my first art journal.  That is cool in itself but for me it's much more. I began this Art Journal in Oct. 2012. That's five years to the month the my life as I had known it changed.  

I didn't create art for those five years. I was learning how to take care of myself by myself.  I was learning who I am and seeing how very capable I am.  

Farmers let some fields rest before planting a new crop.  They need to build back their nutrients. That is what I did during those five years.  I was building my strength, my confidence, my ability to love me and be happy in my own company.

I was a little scared the day I started this journal.  I didn't know if I still had the ability to create.  What if there was nothing left inside me to be expressed with ink and paint?  One of the things I learned in those five years is how to ask for help. 

I went looking on line and I found Daisy Yellow  when I googled art journaling.  Tammy at Daisy Yellow has prompts for art journalers.  I did those for a while.  It got the juices flowing.  I joined her Facebook Group and met many other art journalers.   

The rest as they say is history..... I started posting my work on DY and on my blog.  I meet some great people and I began a FB group called Mixed Media Madness (M3).  We share ideas about all kinds of Mixed Media projects: ATC, Altered Books, Book Making, Mail Art, Art Journals... pretty much anything that you can make with paper.  I also joined The Mail Artist Corner.  It's fun to receive beautiful art in the mail from time to time.

I also found other online art groups that have been very helpful and encouraging to me.  Artist Play Room, The Sketchbook Challenge, A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and Creative Every Day are the ones I participate in regularly.  They are all groups where artist share their work and encourage each other.  

During the past seven months I also began working in an Altered Book, a handmade messy book, a things that fly book and a handmade inclusion book.  That Art Journal really got my muse in gear. Finishing this Art Journal is new beginning for me.  I'll continue to work in those other books and I'll begin another art journal but this one is special because it represents the rebirth of my muse and the rebirth of my confidence of my ability to be an artist.  Today, I am celebrating my New Beginnings.

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  1. Congratulations- it is a beautiful page and fitting conclusion.

  2. Congratulations, my Boo! *Wearing my party hat and throwing confetti from afar!* I just want to say that even though I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you for very long, I am proud of you and for you! I can't remember the exact quote I want to say, but the point of the quote is that you know your strength when you use it to help other people. In the beginning, you learned to ask for help, and you might have been scared and felt weak or unsure, but I know you are so very strong now because of all the encouragement you give us girls in the groups! You are so very special, and I am lucky to know you and call you my friend!

  3. Congratulations on work well done, both with you, for you, and your artistic outlet! Keep shining, Boo! :-)

  4. Wonderful and congrats, while I have been involved in art for years, I have only started to journal this year, it is scarey because you are putting more of your inner self into it. So carry on with your wonderful work.

  5. Oh wow Boo, I am so happy to know that you have made this journey and are getting stronger all the time. I am on a similar journey in that I was 'always' told I am no good at anything and there's no point even trying. It is through the strength and encouragement of people like you that I have 'met' on-line that has given me the courage to at least try and I ma finding out that I am NOT no good and that my efforts are worth the time I spend on them and they make me happy. Bless you. Thank you. And carry on crafting! :D *hug* Mo x

  6. Congratulations, you have a lot to celebrate. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is wonderful how we can meet so many inspiring people online. Have a wonderful time with each new beginning.

  7. I love the image of the farmers letting the fields rest to ensure a healthy beginning for a new crop and how that relates to our lives at times as well. Your sunflowers on your last page is a beautiful illustration/symbol of this process.

  8. I love that your last page in your journal celebrates new beginnings! I'm not much of a journal-er but you make me want to try!

  9. What a beautiful post Boo,
    I had no idea you've had such a journey. Thank you for sharing it :)
    I was petrified to start my first journal page a few months back, but if I can carry on then maybe I might be lucky enough to have a stunning final page like you.
    The sunflowers are gorgeous and give a bright colourful conclusion to your journey so far...
    Good luck on Ghent next leg...have fun and we'll look forward to seeing more of your work :D

    1. *Ghent should read 'the'...stupid pretext.
      Commenting from my mobile which I now realise isn't ideal. Ho hum! :$