Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Use Your Words - Lesson 2

I am having so much fun with this class. I'm learning to think differently when I art journal.  I like that we are concentrating on words.  I like that I have to think to make the lesson work with the supplies I have on hand.  I felt like a giddy kid when I finished this page.  I'm learning so much and I'm so pleased with myself.

Use Your Words by Carolyn Dube - Lesson Two

We were tasked with choosing a word and then to use other words to tell about that the one we chose.  I used ART because I'm having so much fun and I'm feeling so confident since I got back to my art.  We were to concentrate on using different fonts, sizes and place of the letters.  This was really fun for me because I didn't have to worry about my words being straight or even.  I used freedom as one of my words because art journaling has really encouraged me to let go of perfectionism.  

I will admit I started over because I spelled confidence wrong the first time. That was big enough for me to want to begin again.  Note the date:  even this lesson reminds me that playing and finding joy in my art is more important than having the date upside down!  That didn't bother me in the least.  I got to laugh at myself.

Stamps are by MaVinci**. I used Stampin Up markers to make my rainbow colored letters. Spray ink is Adirondack by Ranger and I used a Zig pen for the writing.  I also used Painter Tape to cover my words when I sprayed the ink.

**Ma Vinci's Reliquary Page 46  PHLAX Alphabets!   I've had so many people ask about these stamps that I've posted the link here.

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