Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stretching with the Yellow Bird

This page has multiple layers of meaning for me.  

As soon as I made the bird yellow, I thought of my mom and Mrs. B.  For years the B's and my parents when to conventions together.  One year mom and Mrs. B came back raving about a drink called a Yellow Bird.  I have no clue what is was or what was in it but when I saw the yellow bird I thought of them and how much fun they had together.  They were great friends who laughed all the time.

My Italian grandfather also had a yellow canary named Dickie when I was growing up.  I have not thought about the bird in years but when I scanned this page, I thought of Nono and his bird.  Who knew this page would bring so many good memories to the surface for me.

I also stretched a lot as I did this page.  I started it and then my mind went blank so I let it sit over night.  I had an image I really wanted to use but the background just didn't fit with it so I put it aside for another day.  

Then I did that butterfly and he was soooo ugly.  He has been about 4 colors and every thing I did to him made him worse. I tried Perfect Pearls. I tried some Lumiere that was 100 years old and separating.  Then I added Pearl X to the Lumiere hoping to lighten the color.  Then I tried metallic rub on.. Still hideous.  By now the rest of the page was done.

I thought, "do I throw the thing away?"  Find a giant die cut to cover it?  What do I do now?  I worked so hard on my paper tree... No way, I'm tossing this page.

I turned to pick up something & saw a piece of the green foil (they use it to wrap florist pots) in the trash can.  My original butterfly was cut from Navy card stock so I just cut him out again in green.  That was better but I still had the awful dark colors on the wings.  Then I remember the piece Cheryl did with fingernail polish.

I used copper fingernail polish on his wings and then heat set it until it bubbled to give it some texture.  Finally I liked my butterfly.  Thanks for the idea Cheryl.

My other stretching came in the form of the paper tree.  I am new to 3D elements.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  

What a great creative afternoon I've had!


  1. Oh Boo this is absolutely lovely. I love how you shared the meanings to you also, what a wonderful way to preserve the memories of those you love. This page and your comments have really touched me and I am so glad to have been an inspiration with the nail polish. I love how you are using paper and found things too.....what a great inspiration you are!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I know some people write on their pages but I'm not comfortable doing that. I can say what I think and feel much better with a keyboard. I may decide to print my comments and add them to the page. You inspired to just now to think of doing that.

      My mom died almost 2 years ago. It's interesting how out of the blue something will remind me of her. I don't usually share my art with my family because they don't "get" it. I did send this one to my dad and he was very pleased to be reminded of a happy memory.

      Out of curiosity, how did you find my blog?