Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is it about playing with paint that makes me happy?  That brush and those swirls of paint just bring me a calmness.  

Cutting... cutting out pieces of paper is another thing.... it's becomes almost zenlike for me.  I get into a zone & I could cut and trim bits of paper for hours.  At stamp camps everyone loves me because I'll cut out their tiny pieces.

Coloring is the third thing.  Colored pencils and bits of paper almost had me in a trace this afternoon. I was coloring and cutting.... Calmness descended upon me. 

All three of these pages were done for the Yellow Daisy Prompt challenges.  They have been good for me.  They make me stretch and they've helped me accept that every piece won't be perfect and that's ok.

The music notes were drawn with a straw and herbal tea.  Every time I hear myself laugh at Scoots, I feel like I'm saying a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.

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