Monday, November 5, 2012

Windows & Drips

Prompt 2 called for windows. I fell asleep thinking about all the ways I could do something with windows.  I could be inside looking out or outside looking in.  These ideas floated in my head all night.

In the light of day, I decided to put things about me in the windows.  Kind of a windows in to my soul kind of thing but not so serious.  All the windows tell something about what I like and who I am.  This one was really fun. 

Prompt 3 called for drips.  I dripped ink on paper and just wasn't happy with it.  I finally wiped up my craft sheet with a piece of waxed paper I'd been using for something else.

I really liked how the ink looked on the waxed paper so I dripped on it.  It was a little blah so I rounded up my metallic paint.  I added a little water to make it drip easier and dripped the runny paint on the wax paper. 

The flowers are the result of metallic paint and drips.  I used a Sizzix die to cut the flowers.  It still needed something.  Next I took a little green acrylic paint and smeared it on the wax paper and added glitter.  I used the Stampin' Up Bird punch to make the green leaves.

Note to self:  If you are going to play with acrylic paint, you need to purchase a nail brush. 

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